Maximum protection 

I was always drawn to jobs that were constantly challenging. Sitting in the office watching life go by was not for me. When an opportunity arose to work in an industrial company as a maintenance apprentice it seemed like a good opportunity. In the interview they put a lot of emphasis on the fact that it was a risky job for which it was necessary to be very prepared by closely following the safety regulations.


And is that an industrial company like this, high temperatures, pressure or fire are elements with which you have to be very careful. Once I got the job, I had to go through a long training phase with qualified and experienced personnel. At the beginning it was difficult for me, I was young and from the beginning I wanted to ‘get out of the starting line’. But I soon learned that the priority in this job was safety and security.


One of the first lessons they didn’t teach was about tools and suits. A good part of our work revolves around the knowledge and good handling of tools, as well as the care of our clothing, which is made up of state-of-the-art materials including fire retardant elastic tape. They are expensive suits and you have to take care of them because, in the face of any problem, they can mean the difference between a scare and something worse.


I remember when I was little and watched those firefighter movies in those seemingly heavy plastic-like suits. Those materials that have been used in firefighting suits for decades are also used in other sectors that also require protection against fire and high temperatures. It is the only way to work in delicate environmental conditions.


Once I wrapped the suit with my fire retardant elastic band and put on the gloves and heavy boots to go to work, I felt that the wait had been worth it. It is certainly not an easy job, but it is what I was looking for, an entertaining job that is a daily challenge, not something to spend hours waiting for the shift to end.

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