When the other day they asked me for triathlon laces for a gift, I wondered what they would have different with the normal shoe laces that we usually wear and mainly it is that triathlon laces do not have to be tied in the old way how to do with normal laces. From what I have been able to investigate I think that this type of laces are quite useful, especially for people who normally do not get used to undoing the knots of the laces when they take off their shoes, which is my case. Lately I have been thinking about buying some triathlon laces for the sports shoes that I usually wear every day, I think that this will end the endless problem of constantly untying the laces and that bothers me a lot.

A few months ago they gave me some pretty good sneakers to go hiking and they brought laces that were in the style of triathlon laces and I have to say that except for velcro sneakers when I was a child, I had never had a shoe sporty so easy to adjust. But I also have to say that you have to get used to wearing these shoes because the truth is that they weigh a little and at first it is as if your legs weigh a little and when you take them off you feel the same sensation as when you take off your ski boots or skates after skating for a long time.

Lately when I go out for a walk at eight o’clock in the afternoon I notice the people who run down the same street I go to see if they wear triathlon laces and to my surprise many people take them to go running, I did not think that so many people used them so daily, although I do not think that many people dare to put that kind of laces on a sports shoe that will not be used for running. Personally, I am going to put them in my daily shoes only so I don’t have to tie my tennis laces again.

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